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Rainy Year Leaky Chimneys

We have experienced a very wet winter here in central Virginia, and with spring right around the corner this wet weather is likely to continue. With all the rain around here, we have been flooded with calls about leaky chimneys. Some homeowners are getting drips in there fireplaces, some are seeing water stains on their ceilings and walls around their fireplace. Others can see cracks in the mortar of their chimneys, or crumbling bricks. Before it gets to the point of water damage inside the home, and structural damage to the chimney, there are some things you can look for yourself on the outside of the chimney that would indicate a chimney taking on and holding moisture. Unsightly dark stains usually near the top and shoulder areas of the chimney are clear signs that your chimney is holding moisture. You may also see organic growth on your chimney. Green moss is another sign of moisture. If you see cracks in mortar or crumbling, flaking brick, that is most likely caused by the freeze thaw cycle of water in the masonry. When water trapped in masonry freezes, it expands by about 9% in volume and cracks the brick and mortar around it.

These are a few things you might be able to see from ground level that can alert you of a leaky chimney. There are also some other potential problems a professional chimney company can identify with a chimney inspection that if repaired could prevent costly damage to your chimney and home. We offer a variety of services to repair damage done to your chimney by water, as well as prevent the chimney from taking on water in the first place. Sometimes it's a new chimney cap and water repellent needed to avoid water damage. Other homes might require a partial rebuild of the top of your chimney to repair major damage.

We have seen it all over this very wet season, and I am expecting it to keep up with the always wet spring coming fast. Make sure if you see any of the signs we talked about earlier, or if you're unsure that you call us for a full chimney inspection. Chimneys leak: leaky chimneys can cause damage to your home, but we can fix it.

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